AVLAB is an education internship administration for College of Communication.
The main function is providing courses of audio and video production , research and audiovisual services , counseling students to implement program,
assisting to hold communication conference, and shooting to record important events at National Chengchi University.

The laboratory formerly known as Radio First Production Center , founded in 1990 , integrating in 1997 with Broadcasting the Second Production Center,
In 2003 with the establishment of Integrated Experimental Center , renamed " AVLAB."

Lab instructor is responsible for planning and management.Assistant handle administrative operations and support teaching course.
With founding the obligation assistant system, jointly promote the various service and strengthen the education, practice , production function.

Former instructor of teacher Lu Fei Yi , Zeng Guo Feng teacher, teacher Houzhi Qin , Guo Li Xin teacher.

In 2014, each education internship administration was unified by Integrated Experiment Center. Director of Integrated Experiment Center is Guofeng Professor.

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