NCCU Audio and Video Laboratory

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The Qualifications for Equipment and Sites Usage of Audio & Video Lab.
  1. Audio & Video Lab. provides students attending to the 10-15 courses in the College of Communication to borrow equipment and sites each semester. In order to obtain the qualification for borrowing equipment and sites,students must take the courses supported by Audio & Video Lab. , and pass the tests held by Audio & Video Workshop.
  2. During the semester, there is a great usage of the equipment and a large amount of users, therefore, the equipment and sites will not be available for students who do not attend to the supported courses. If you have any special request, feel free to come to us.
  3. Equipment is available for assistants and students from the College of Communication to borrow during winter and summer breaks. Please go through the Regulations of Equipment Borrowing During Breaks.
Application for Account Number in the Online Booking System and Equipment Borrowing​
  1. The reservation for equipment and sites from Audio & Video Lab. has already been digitized into an online booking system. Anyone wishing to borrow equipment and sites from Audio & Video Lab. should apply for an account number in person beforehand.
  2. After the process of account number applying, the administration system of Audio & Video Lab. will automatically send out a verify letter to the user’s Email. Please link into the website and use the password provided by the verify letter to log in the Equipment and Sites Booking System.
  3. Users logging into the Equipment and Sites Booking System for the first time should click on the“Personal Information” button and reset your password.
  4. After applying for an account number, users should attend to authenticate tests of equipment and sites held by Audio & Video Lab. , and obtain qualification for using equipment or sites when passing tests.
  5. When users obtain qualification for using equipment or sites, the Booking System will provide 12 hours per week for students to borrow equipment or sites, according to the lessons attended that semester and group lists.
  6. After completing the process of equipment reservation on the Booking System, users should come to the Audio & Video Laboratory in person at the appointed time. Furthermore, users are required to key in their account number and password when borrowing out and returning equipment, as an identification of borrowing behavior.
  7. Please cancel the eqiupment reservation list one day before the appointed time. If users fail to take away the borrowed equipment in 30 minutes, the booking system will display the situation of “overdue”. Users should comply with the reservation time.
  8. The equipment and sites management will be conducted by the Booking System according to account numbers, please assure that you are using your own account. If any user lends their account number to others, Audio & Video Lab. will suspend user’s borrowing right.
  9. For more detailed information, please read Audio & Video Workshop and Equipment Borrowing Guidance.
Using Regulations for the Basic Editing Area​
  1. Audio & Video Lab. provides users with PC computers in the Basic Editing Area. Teachers and students from the College of Communication are allowed to use the editing computers in the Audio & Video Lab. via leaving student ID cards to the front desk.
  2. Due to the great number of daily users in the Basic Editing Area, there is a two hour time limit, but users are free to continue using if there are no users waiting.
  3. All computers are for public use, please save your files in the correct place and name the file with your department, grade and name. Do not save your file on the desktop, in case of being deleted mistakenly.
  4. The storing space of the computers in the Basic Editing Area are limited, users should bring their own USBs or hard drives. Audio & Video Lab. deletes all files every Friday.